August 1, 2021 23:34

The Entitled….Again

Why isn’t this a headline everywhere?

  • Theodora “Teddi” Pritzker was spotted at a packed table in violation of Covid restrictions over the weekend.

    Teddi, Gov. J.B. Pritzker’s daughter, was photographed seated at a table for 14 at Chicago Cut Steakhouse.

    A Twitter user posted the photo of Teddi, who formerly attended Francis W. Parker in Chicago, and a closely-assembled group of friends.

    “10 person outdoor limit for thee….jb 18yo daughter didn’t seem to abide by her dictator Father’s demands while dining outdoors at @ChicagoCutthis weekend,” Twitter user DP Roberts posted.

There are pictures at the link up top. You might remember Theodora from a few months ago?

  • Earlier this year Prairie State Wire revealed Teddi had skirted her father’s rules regarding sports by participating in out of state equestrian events.

    Back in May, it was reported that Teddi and her mother Mary Pritzker were not living in Illinois. Instead the first family, sans J.B., was staying at their estate in Florida where lockdown rules were and continue to be much more lax.

She “not living in Illinois” but is at a Chicago restaurant? 

It must be nice to be the entitled daughter of a billionaire who doesn’t have to follow the rules Daddy makes for everyone else to follow. Daddy transports you and your horse around to competitions over state lines. You can go out with a group of fourteen friends to a restaurant that doesn’t dare refuse you service lest Daddy drive them out of business. Anyone know who picked up the tab? 

And who were the other fourteen who didn’t have to wear masks? Whose connected spawn are they?

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