August 1, 2021 12:41

The force is strong with this one

Britta Foesch

Halloween is well-known as one of the more … interesting nights of the year for police officers. And this year, an officer in Las Vegas gave us a story to remember.

Britta Foesch, a trooper with Nevada Highway Patrol, was off duty and went to a Halloween costume party dressed as a stormtrooper from Star Wars. She was the designated driver, and left the party around 1 a.m.

During her drive, she spotted a Prius driving the wrong way onto an I-15 exit ramp. Reacting quickly, Foesch managed to get the driver to stop, then called for on-duty troopers, who arrived on scene and arrested the driver on suspicion of DUI.

The NHP told ABC 13 that Foesch is a trained professional and they do not encourage normal citizens to try and stop drunk drivers. They should call 9-1-1 and report it, but not intervene directly.

The NHP also had some fun with the story, posting it on their Facebook page with a video that re-created the intro scenes of the Star Wars films with scrolling yellow text.

“Trooper Foesch no doubt intervened and stopped a potentially deadly situation,” the post said. “The force is strong in Trooper Foesch.”

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