September 17, 2021 08:39

They Did What Now?

This was probably a stupid idea:

  • 3 officers just pulled off the street and are getting stripped because they were driving down Madison and Pulaski with a big trump flag out the window. Three man tac car. Idiots

Evidently, these kids never heard of the Sweet Home Alabama incident in infamous Harrison? Or the SWAT Truck with the found MAGA Hat on the dashboard. Or the FOP president with an American Flag?

Some free advice:

  • The PA system is not for music
  • the music (or flag) shouldn’t be perceived as “not appropriate”
  • that time, McCompStat wanted the involved officers fired until cooler heads prevailed
  • they all got ten days

And not only was this the same District, it was the exact same intersection.

Welcome to the midnight Watch officers.

That weight on your back? We call that a “brick.”

UPDATE: Outside unit?

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