September 17, 2021 03:33

This is How Officer Survey can help improve Community Trust

Community trust demands collaboration and engagement. Effective policing is not only limited to reducing crimes – but goes beyond the enforcement of the law to make the community safe. People must really feel that they are safe. This is the reason why feedbacking is essential in improving community trust.

But how do you go about feedbacking? What assessment tools are used in measuring the performance of police officers? Is the survey still effective? What actions were taken after the gathering and analysis of the data? Can technology be maximized to do all these – to quickly solve problems before they grow into large cases?

What is Officer Survey?

It’s about time to skip those traditional surveys done to give feedback and submit reports. These days, what people need is a software that they can easily navigate and use to give feedback to services provided and performance done by the police department.

Officer Survey is a one-of-a-kind software that allows community members to provide feedback to the responding officers. This allows the officers to give their feedback as well. Through this, the public would no longer need to demand transparency as it is already given to them.

How Officer Survey Works?

In just a single click, the police department can get a real-time and in-depth analysis of the community’s feedback; thereby identifying the concerns in the neighborhood and providing immediate solutions to prevent further impact.

The Officer Survey software is built to:
  • gather and analyze officers feedback done by the citizens

  • track officer progress and boost confidence

  • transform data into concrete solutions

  • allow officers and community members to export, share, and collaborate in real-time

How Officer Survey can help improve Community Trust?

The perception of the community towards the police department can change quickly. In these times of social media and fake news, it is best to use a tool that is tailored to proactively engage the law enforcement officers with the citizens. Not only that digital technology makes communication faster, but it also inspires effectiveness and better quality of service.

Moreover, since Officer Survey allows community members to provide honest feedback after every interaction with police offers, this gives both parties the chance to get to know more each other, eventually leading to a better partnership; thereby strengthening the foundation of trust.

Also, as it provides real data, Officer Survey helps eliminate bias and ensures that the real problem is being dealt with without any prejudice. Now, it’s easier to pinpoint what and where the problem is – allowing law enforcers to make intelligent decisions for the good and safety of the community.

In this age of countless digital channels, the community members and the police department can easily fall prey to miscommunication and misinterpretation. This vulnerability could easily ruin public trust – which may result in the increase of crime rates or worse, making the community an unsafe place to work and live. Don’t allow this to happen. See how Officer Survey can help.

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