June 21, 2021 20:28

This is XiNN

XiNN laying the groundwork for the next “pandemic”:

  • Authorities in Kazakhstan have denied a report published by Chinese officials that the country is experiencing an outbreak of “unknown pneumonia” potentially deadlier than the novel coronavirus.

    On Thursday, the Chinese Embassy in Kazakhstan issued a warning to citizens living in the Central Asian country that the pneumonia had killed more than 1,700 people.

    “Kazakhstani Health Department and other agencies are conducting comparative research and have not defined the nature of the pneumonia virus,” the statement said.

So China – long known for telling the truth every time they’re asked about anything – releases this “statement.”

XiNN – a wholly owned Chinese media subsidiary long known for telling the truth every time they report something – runs with it, even though:

  • CNN has been unable to independently verify the Chinese Embassy report and has reached out to Kazakhstan’s Ministry of Healthcare for further details.

Figure this one will “arrive” just in time for summer, resulting in all sorts of lockdowns, shutdowns, mask mandates, cancellations and censorship. 

Are you seeing a pattern yet?

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