June 24, 2021 23:36

True crime cases where reports to police were ignored/minimized and the victim ends up dead?

My daughter is working on a competition speech about threats and freedom of speech, specifically in cases where threats are made, police don’t take them seriously or courts fail to issue a protective order and then the victim ends up dead.

As a little background: this summer we were victims of “swatting.” I tried to file a police report when my daughter was threatened online by a stranger. The police said the threats were vague and wouldn’t let me file a report. Fast forward two weeks when we are called out of our home by the SWAT team in full regalia with assault rifles because the online stranger called in a fake murder at our address. (No, my daughter never gave them her name or our address. We aren’t sure exactly how they got it, but they had MY name and address as they called her by my name in their threats).

This of course affected our family and my daughter will use this as a personal connection to the topic, but she would like some cases where police didn’t take threats seriously and someone ends up dead.

Any help you can give in regard to cases would be great!

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