June 24, 2021 03:03

Twelve Monkeys

Now that the media is looking for tips and clues, how about this one?

  • Groot and Fatass have shut down restaurants and bars, but opened up the airport bars full-throttle.  I traveled in to Midway a couple of days ago, the bars that line the aisle down Concourse B were PACKED with maskless drinkers eating and drinking. I counted 70 people, all indoors, all dining, all drinking (did I mention indoors?) and not a one with a mask on.

    This is so much Groot’s “For thee! Not for me!” approach. The City needs their cut, so they open up full bars and restaurants in arguably the busiest place in Chicago right now.  There is a new restaurant/bar that opened up in the old Potbelly’s space, it was full of drinkers too, but at least it wasn’t in the middle of all the people and gates.

Anyone here read dystopic fiction? What’s the common denominator if the bad guys want to spread a virulent disease around the world to wipe out humanity?

  • an airport maybe?

Terry Gilliam’s classic was the first thing we thought of. 

We didn’t realize Groot thought it was an Instruction Manual.

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