June 22, 2021 20:00

Update on Egypt Covington murder case

In 2017, a few days before her birthday, Egypt Covington was found murdered in her Van Buren Township Michigan home. She had been tied up with Christmas lights and shot in the head. She was found by her boyfriend. For three years, the only person of interest had been her ex boyfriend, even though there was evidence proving he had been nowhere near Egypts home the night she was killed. Egypt was well known and much loved in her community for her warmth, generosity and kindness. The community and members of Egypts family wanted Van Buren Police Dept (VBPD) to turn the case over to the michigan state police (MSP) but VBPD refused. Community members held 2 protests demanding VBPD turn the case over and finally VBPD did turn it over to MSP. Michigan state police took the case over 3 months ago. What van buren police dept could not do in 3 years, michigan state police did in 3 months. Last thursday, michigan state police arrested 2 people. One of them was arraigned today and his name and the charges released to the public. The other one has not yet been arraigned, so the identity and charges have not been released. More arrests may be forthcoming. VBPD is now claiming credit for working with MSP, but it was MSP that finally came through and solved it. Link to the news story on mlive is in the comments.

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