August 1, 2021 23:27

Was There a Party?

Did Groot cancel her party because of a phone call?

  • (from a late e-mail on 31 October) – Lori having a party tonight and she wanted to make sure nothing went on on her block.. Cantanzara and FOP tailed up the number of officers (all on OT) and the total came out to $20k it would cost the tax payers.John Catanzara¬† called the news outlets and was set to have a press conference out there at 3pm.. we just got word we are no longer detailed to the mayors block tonight Hahahaha…I guess Fox News called her office and asked her schedule and a comment on officers working tonight and she freaked out and canceled her party

And another rumor:

  • Rumor #1 – Word just came down there will be no promotions until early 2021. They want to give part two of Sgts test and go off the new list
  • Rumor #2 – All promotional classes canceled for November because Groot doesn’t want to appear to be taking her cues from the blog

Which would be hilarious if true.

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