June 17, 2021 19:34

We Can’t Insure Your Business

Appearing in Portland, coming soon to New York, Chicago, and other shithole cities:

  • Eric Murfitt watched helplessly from a live security feed as looters trashed his downtown clothing store, Mercantile, during a riot on May 30. Murfitt said the business suffered $1 million in losses due to the break-in and had to file an insurance claim to stay afloat.

    But in November, Murfitt was informed that his insurance carrier would not be renewing the store’s policy. Nearly a dozen other insurance companies declined to even offer Mercantile a quote.

    So earlier this month, Murfitt settled for a policy that nearly quadrupled his premium, had a significantly higher deductible, included a much smaller cap on coverage related to robbery and excluded any property damage related to civil unrest.

    “We’re effectively uninsured right now,” Murfitt said. “And we’re paying four times as much for the privilege.”

Insurance Companies don’t exist to lose money, and the trend for libtards, race baiters, and social justice warriors is to say, “Hey, they’re insured. Loot away!” is about to meet a cold hard reality.

Everywhere is about to be Detroit 2.0.

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