June 21, 2021 23:54

What the Absolute Fuck?

Is this fucker even in town?

And if he isn’t why isn’t the First Deputy taking his place?


    For the first time EVER neither the Superintendent [n]or the First Deputy bothered to attend Operation Santa today. Apparently they both had more important things to do than to visit with the widows and children of our fellow police officers who were murdered serving this city.

    Brown and Carter can never atone for not supporting the families of people like Bauer, Jimenez, Gary, Marmelejo,Smetana, Gordon and more… These men were all killed in the line of duty and left young children behind. It’s not too much to ask that when we lose one of our own that the Superintendent and First Deputy visit their families at Christmas.


There are certain things you have to do when you’re in charge of one of the largest municipal police departments in the nation. A department that has given approximately five-hundred-fifty lives in service to Chicago.

Brownie might not have a historical attachment to the Department, but Carter’s sin is the far bigger slap in the face to the men and women of the Department, living and dead. 

What fucking assholes.

Here’s the media coverage.

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