July 26, 2021 14:01

When riots occur, words matter

What occurred outside and inside the United States Capitol on January 6th was sickening but what the media and political pundits have done since should send chills to anyone with a soul.

The entire world watched this past summer as activists used the death of George Floyd as reason to burn down buildings across America.


Government buildings were burned and in Portland, several federal buildings were closed for a time as threats of a car bomb being deployed came their way.

America watched in horror as these images spread across our television and the internet daily and all along, very few media outlets discussed what was really happening.

Domestic terrorists with an agenda to alter government operations, in particular law enforcement, used violence as their means of intimidation for what they called “racial injustice.”


We will keep that topic out of this for now and we have yet to hear what that actually means but violence is never right. Too bad the media ignored much of it.

Who could forget CNN’s reporting of the riots in Kenosha as they called it “mostly a protest” as buildings burned behind them.

It was all so ridiculous then and it remains today. Words indeed matter and we are pretty sure that every person that ever committed an act of violence in their life was probably “mostly peaceful,” right up until they committed a crime.

That is why the reporting from January 6, 2021, is so unbelievably ridiculous. It’s not that the media should ignore it (like they did so well this summer) but the hypocrisy in their words tells you exactly that America is being destroyed by the organizations that claim to hold all of us accountable.

Those that preach to us about a divided country are the actual ones doing it.

Today, the reporting is non-stop about January 6th and rarely does that reporting not start with “Trump Supporters” that quickly lead into an “insurrection” and then into “racism.” All of that of course has led into the intent of many to censor and absolutely destroy anyone that voted a certain way.

The actions of a few on January 6th have turned some in the media calling every Trump supporter a white supremacist or a racist or whatever else you can think of. We are even being told that a bunch of “white supremacists” stormed the Capitol but yet, have seen no evidence to suggest that any of this had to do with groups that identified with white supremacy.

It’s disgusting and just imagine if the violent criminals were treated that way this past summer.

We imagine the headlines would read “Biden Supporters Burn Down Building” or “Black Lives Matter Supporters Kills Retired St. Louis Captain” and we could continue but we won’t.

Just to be clear, this is not journalism. Reporters and their media bosses are supposed to report the news….not make assumptions that line up with their political beliefs and you see that all day long in the labels they place on others.

And when you hear big and scary words like “insurrection,” the red flags should be going off in your heads.

By the definition, which the media won’t tell you, if January 6th was an insurrection, so was the summer of 2020.

Why do we say that? Because we can read.

An insurrection, according to our friends at Webster, means “an act or instance of revolting against civil authority or an established government.”

While we saw some despicable behavior in the Capitol, including vandalism and violence, we also saw a lot of people walking the halls and taking selfies. We saw idiots sitting behind the desks of politicians. We saw a few steal some things. But it is interesting, that in this so called “insurrection” we didn’t see what you would traditionally see in an insurrection.

If you argue that is equal to the historic insurrections of the past, what happened on January 6th is no different than this summer.

After all, according to the definition, how were the summer riots and billions of dollars in destruction not a revolt “against civil authority?”

Law enforcement happens to be a “civil authority.”

Now, we know how all this hypocrisy is explained. We’ve been told by various media organizations that the summer riots were justified because there was evidence of systematic racism while the violence on January 6th was based on the lie of voter fraud.

Aren’t we thankful that the trusted media is now telling us what to believe and not believe.

Obviously, this is all ridiculous but the media has an answer for the comparison that we just made.

It’s called “whataboutism.”

Simply defined it means that if you charge an opponent with hypocrisy without disproving the argument, the argument they are wrong is invalid. If you don’t believe us, look at your social media feed. That silly term is the “go to” for anyone that attempts to point out how horrible the media has been in recent years.

What happened this summer and at the Capitol should make any decent citizen sick to their stomach but just understand that those tasked with reporting on serious issues are flat out manipulating that information to you.

The media has become an enemy to truth and fairness and that is a dangerous proposition that must end immediately.


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