June 17, 2021 20:12

Where’s the Monitor?

Remember that Consent Decree thing? 

The big push for “span of control” where a sergeant could only supervise ten officers at a time? This would provide more direct supervision so Officers wouldn’t be doing naughty things and supervision could more easily direct missions, strategies and emerging crime trends.

So how is this allowed? (we cropped out the extraneous information):

Murder Central….a Desk Sergeant….and zero field supervision. What exactly are the officers supposed to do if they need a sergeant to sign a tow? Advise them through a particularly sticky domestic? Handle a squad car accident? Run a homicide scene?

It doesn’t get better:


The very next day….a Desk Sergeant….and the one field supervisor working is going downtown for the business sector detail. So once again, no one watching a District that has had ninety-five murders and three-or-four-hundred shootings.

Someone want to get hold of Ms. Hickey?

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