June 21, 2021 20:35

World’s Greatest Nitwits

This is part of what passes for a “hard hitting” interview on WGN:

  • Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx has her critics, but she easily cruised to reelection. Only days into her second term, Foxx sat down with WGN’s Tahman Bradley to answer questions about violence in Chicago and other issues facing her office:

    Already this year, Chicago has seen more than 700 homicides and 3,800 shootings through November. What’s happening?

    I think there are stretches on the South Side and stretches on the West Side where we’re seeing a high concentration of violence and if we just mapped what the resources are in those communities – if we look on the West Side, it would break our hearts to find that there are neighborhoods that have no access to libraries, no access to fresh foods, no access to health care and recognize that those are all symptoms of a larger problem where violence is the ultimate outcome.

So no libraries, food deserts and limited access to health care….causes crime?

That’s some ignorant bullshit right there. How about we opine that crime drives these businesses from neighborhoods, making it impossible to operate at anything but a loss. The obvious follow up questions?

  • There aren’t any from this softball interview

Go read it all. You wouldn’t think bullshit could be so fluffy, but WGN manages to make it so.

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