May 12, 2021 20:37

Wounded officer promoted to honorary detective

Photo Courtesy of Park Forest Police Department

A Park Forest, Illinois, officer who was severely wounded in the line of duty has been promoted to honorary detective.

Five years ago, Officer Tim Jones, who was a rookie at the time, was shot three times and suffered life threatening injuries to his neck and jaw while responding to a break-in. Jones’ assailant was shot and killed in the encounter.

Park Forest Police Chief Christopher Mannino praised Jones, saying, “He finished top of the list and really lived up to that. He really was the ideal rookie officer on the street. Just really aggressive fighting crime but also community-oriented.”

As Officer Jones was fighting for his life in critical condition, the community showed tremendous support, giving back to the officer and his family with vigils and donations. The Park Forest Police department didn’t give up on him as well.

According to WGN9 News, the department kept his locker at the station waiting for his return. He has also been honored with a street sign in his name.

Now, after countless surgeries and hours of rehabilitation, Officer Jones is on the mend, and hopes to rejoin the department someday. Until then, he can be proud of his achievement being promoted to honorary detective.

Speaking of the promotion, Mannino said, “When Tim was a rookie officer, he made it known he wanted to make his way to the Detective Division. So, after what would’ve been six years on the job for him, there’s no doubt in my mind that he would’ve made that at this point in time already.”

Jones is a born and bred police officer, whose father, William Jones, is the former police chief of Country Club Hills.

“He would’ve been a go-getter,” Jones said. “Still to this day, when we go out, he still guards his badge over his shirt. He’s still right now in his mind 100% police.”

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